All SMI Transducers feature bonded SEMI-CONDUCTOR strain gages: Rugged pieces of piezo-resistive material, securely bonded to pressure sensing diaphragms or bending beams. The homogeneous strain gage material (no diffused junction) assures long life and reliability and is not subject to junction contamination failure.
SMI has perfected bonding methods which insure reliability and longevity. Our temperature compensation techniques meet the most exacting requirements. Because SMI gages have high gage factors, the sensing areas operate at much lower stress levels than do those of foil type transducers, thus reducing creep and metal fatigue and resulting in long term stability.
These rugged high precision devices have no moving parts which wear or produce error. Their excellent performance is maintained under conditions of vibration and shock.

If you would like to view a summary catalog of typical SMI products, please click on the link at the top of this page. Our summary catalog is just a representation of our total offering. If you need transducers to measure or control pressure, temperature, load, acceleration or flow, chances are we can help. In most cases SMI can supply you from our standard product line...or we'll be glad to design a custom transducer for your exact application. In addition, SMI supplies everything you need to put our transducers to work for you...including adapters and fittings, Strain Gauges, Readouts, Power Supplies, Signal Conditioners and even Cables and Connectors.