Standard Application Transducers
Model SP65
Flush mount diaphragm semiconductor strain gage pressure transducer

Model SP97
Ported semiconductor strain gage pressure transducer. Rugged-ized, Low cost

Special Application Transducers
Model 601819
Sanitary for food,beverge,pharmaceutical and other hygenic applications
Model 601599
High-output aerospace hydraulic pressure all-welded and ruggedized sensor.

Model 601317
Oil platform liquid level, waterproof, corrosion resistant, transmitter.
Model 601260
Used on Amphibious vehicles and tanks. Oil pressure differential transducer.

Model 601255
Super high pressure transducer capable of measurements from 10 to 60,000 psi.
Model 601081 Helicopter bulkhead high vibration and high shock pressure transducer.

Model 601319
Miniature, completely case-stress isolated; undersea cable pressure sensor.
Model 601082
Airborne hydraulic high-shock, high-vibration sensor.

Model 601734
High-vibration, high-shock, high-stability engine test transducer.
Model 601280
Flush-mounted, corrosion resistant, waterproof liquid-level sensor.

Model 601053
Rugged low-radiation nuclear power plant sensor
Model 601511
High stability, solid grain rocket propellant normal bond stress transducer.